Organizing committee:

- Dr. Laia Arnaus Gil

- Prof. Dr. Natascha Müller

Scientific committee:

Wuppertal Bilingualism Group WuBiG:
- Dr. Laia Arnaus Gil
- Dr. Nadine Eichler
- Jasmin Geveler
- Malin Hager
- Veronika Jansen
- Prof. Dr. Natascha Müller
- Anika Schmeißer

The Wuppertal Bilingual Group (WuBiG) has been working on early child bilingualism for several years. Since 2009, with the beginning of the current research project, early code-switching within simultaneous bilingual language acquisition has become the major focus of investigation. The empirical foundation of the project is a large number of bilingual longitudinal studies (a total of 1,900 hours) including spontaneous speech data by young German-Italian, German-French, German-Spanish, French-Italian, Italian-Spanish and Spanish-French children in Germany and the romance countries. Based on these corpora, the project aims at investigating the pragmatic functions and syntactic characteristics of early child code-switching. Furthermore, the influence of external factors like language dominance, language combination or country of residence is of central interest.


Back row: Nadine Eichler, Malin Hager, Jezabel d‘Argenzio, Laia Arnaus Gil, Veronika Jansen, Jasmin Geveler
Front row: Mònica Cordoba Larrosa, Natascha Müller, Anika Schmeißer, Katia Carbone, Mayte Jiménez López

Selection of publications:

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