The international conference „Code-switching in the bilingual child: within and across the clause“ will take place in the guesthouse (Campus Freudenberg) at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) from 18th to 20th April.

The conference is addressed to master and doctorate students, as well as post-docs and professors from all universities. The attendance is for free and you can download the binding registration form from the Registration section.

The conference discusses current proposals on code-switching mainly in early bilinguals but also in adolescents and adults with different language combinations – among them Italian, French, Spanish, English, German, Turkish and Chinese. The presentations are divided into three thematic blocks: CS at the clause level, CS at the NP level and the pragmatics and psycholinguistic aspects of CS in general.

Submission dates:

 For our invited speakers, please remember the following submission dates.

- Title of the talk:                   10th February 2013
- Abstract:                                17th March 2013
- Binding registration form:  17th March 2013


You can still attend our conference by filling in the binding registration you will find in the Registration section and send it via mail to our e-mail address

We will close the extended registration deadline on Sunday, April 14th 2013.